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Bridge any NDI network regardless of location

NDI Bridge allows users to securely share NDI® sources between local or remote sites, anywhere in the world, making it easy to set up and manage. This allows live production teams to stay native in NDI, end-to-end, reducing complexity, cost and latency across any distance and with any applications.

NDI Bridge delivers local convenience on a global scale as it handles all the complexity of remote sources, supporting all of the benefits of NDI, including alpha channel, KVM, PTZs, tally, metadata and much more.

Two ways of using NDI Bridge

With Local and Bridge modes... NDI Bridge makes it possible, for the first time ever, to form a secure bridge between any NDI network regardless of location. This new capability redefines the concept of ‘remote workflows,’ opening up a wealth of new opportunities for live video production.

Local Mode

Take all sources on your network or group and use NDI Bridge as a proxy. NDI Bridge intelligently processes and sends just the sources and streams that you need, making the most of your bandwidth.

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Bridge Mode

NDI Bridge allows you to securely connect two entirely different NDI networks – anywhere in world with full management of all audio and video streams automatically, no matter how many sources. Using just one publicly available IP address as Host, any number of networks can connect and share sources; allowing teams of any size to connect from anywhere on the planet.

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We’ve created a document with information and guidance on using NDI Bridge to help ensure you are getting the very best out this incredible tool.

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NDI® Tools
for Windows

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  • NDI RemoteNEW
  • NDI Audio DirectNEW
  • NDI Studio Monitor
  • NDI Screen Capture
  • NDI Screen Capture HX
  • NDI Webcam Input
  • NDI VLC Plugin
  • NDI for Adobe Creative Cloud
  • NDI Import I/O for Adobe CC
  • NDI Access Manager
  • NDI Test Patterns
  • NDI|HX Driver
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NDI® Software
Developer Kit

The NDI SDK allows you to develop applications with native IP video and audio support for free and commercial NDI use - across almost all platforms (Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS, tvOS and ipadOS, with Intel and ARM architecture CPUs.) We believe in making IP video accessible to everyone and provide this without royalties to all developers.

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NDI® Advanced
Developer Kit

Offering everything the NDI Software Developer Kit does, the Advanced SDK also provides more detailed access to the NDI streams, settings, video and audio stream data. Use this to develop both NDI software applications and NDI hardware devices.

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