Create attractive linear channel with Stream Circle

March 31, 2022 by Michal Krsek, CCO, Stream Circle

To run live channel is have a rough time today. Most channels and channel packages are same or similar, getting unique content on the global market is expensive. And competitors offering terrestrial, satellite and cable platforms are low in prices.

Todays’ profit comes from lowering the cost running own infrastructure or acquire new users thru providing special (so called premium) content. Building infrastructure is always a long term investment. Premium content is faster to acquire, but the first-class content (like Hollywood films, TV shows or Olympic Games) are super expensive.

Is there another content that attracts your users to buy your services and is it possible to acquire it inexpensive? We in Stream Circle believe the content is on the Internet, and the key is smart platform able to blend all data sources into visually attractive video feed.

Let me describe some of those data sources.
There is a lot of video sources in each city, provided by local governments or tourist organizations. Cams shoot historic monuments, sport venues, slopes, recreation areas, beautiful landscapes, parks, Zoos etc. These videos sources may form the blocks.

Most cities are now full of sensors – like location and delay of public transport, traffic jam signalization and other useful information. Those sensors systems have output to the Internet so are available.

And last, but no least – there are cultural and sport programs, cinema schedules & film reviews, city & restaurant guides, most of them available for free or for very cheap price. And on top of it, people share their experience on social networks.

As we have three types of information sources, you need a platform to mix it together. Your platform is Stream Circle, TV Automation As a Service. We are more than happy to combine data sources in your area together, add visually attractive graphics and deploy the channel into your infrastructure or provide it from the cloud.

The channel can be fully automated, but if you want to control it manually, the system can be completely managed using human operator.

If you want to run control centre for all video feeds, NDI provides a great flexibility either on premise or in the cloud. Stream Circle is fully integrated into NDI ecosystem, so you can fast and easily start your new channel with your current NDI infrastructure.

We are more than happy to provide you a demonstration of Stream Circle system and give you free access to the platform for testing period.

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